Chocolate processing: depositor D01

Technical Data

Description: Machine for the filling of chocolate and filling mixtures.
Machine dimensions : approx. 600 x 450 h : 800 mm
Maximum mould size : approx. 350 x 400 h : 50 mm
Capacity: up to 15 strokes / min. Up to 45 fillings per minute Up to 675 g per minute
Description of the filling mechanism: Precise filling with volume-controlled piston
Maximum number of pistons per row : 3 piston
Accessories: 3 fixed straight stainless-steel nozzles 3 piston, diameter 22 mm
Nozzle bar: Nozzle bar slightly heated, but not regulated 03 piston position distance between 35mm
Containers: Container slightly heated / regulated Capacity: 5 litres
Filling volume per nozzle: can be regulated approx 0.2 to 14 cm3 (0.5 to 15 g)
Placement of the moulds: manual
Movement from row to row: manual
Electrical power : 230V./ 50Hz, 5A
Compressed air: 6 bar / 30 litres per minute


Additional equipment: Container with 8 litre capacity, extra charge
  Regulated temperature for container and nozzle bar
  Second container